Style Guide: Your Work to Wine Bar Look

Choosing what to wear to the office is difficult enough in the mornings, but what happens when you’ve got a post-work social event thrown in to? Finding something which is both work-appropriate and suitable enough for a few evening drinks is a challenge, but wouldn’t life be boring without a challenge every now and then? As always, at Pinstripe and Pearls we’ve got you covered. Read our handy guide for work to wine bar style below.


It’s all about the base

What you select as the base of your outfit will be key to making that day-to-night switch, and the good news is that you have a number of options. Think about what can look smart with a jacket for the office, then cool and contemporary for the bar when you remove it. A luxe cami or a sleeveless blouse paired with some slim fit trousers for example can make a great outfit for both occasions, or you can choose a smart but stylish dress like our Lizzie Events Dress which will look formal enough with your blazer for work and perfect for some after work cocktails.

Making the jump

One item which has slowly been working its way into the office as well as the bar is the jumpsuit. Before you recoil at the horror of the notion, there are some styles available which were born for this sort of occasion. Choose a style with a more relaxed fit that can be worn with a belt and covered up with a knit if you’re still feeling conscious.


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Play the shoe game

What you wear on your feet can help you make the perfect jump from day to evening. Swap your office shoes for some strappy sandals, or something in a bold colour to contrast the rest of your outfit. It’s a small change that will make a big difference, and mean that you won’t have to carry around a full outfit change in your handbag (we know that it’s stuffed already!). These Christian Louboutin Dalida pumps for example, are the ideal item to brighten up your outfit.



Accessorise, Accessorise, Accessorise

We’ve already established that handbag space is limited, so instead of looking for a big handbag, we need to look for smaller things that can be put in it to dress up our outfits. We are of course talking about accessories. Adding a few jewels to your outfit is the easy way to turn your typical office look into evening chic. A statement necklace for example can make a blouse contemporary and stylish, whilst some bracelets and a statement earring will show that you’ve left work behind and are ready for some drinks. We have masses of fantastic statement jewellery pieces on our website, including our Pearls by Fleur 3 Strand Statement necklace, a classic outfit booster which will look great over everything. You can even layer up a few necklaces and pendant for a high-fashion look.

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Taking a look from day to evening is relatively simple when you think about it. Mix and match your pieces to provide a look which you know can be suitable for both and remember it’s the additional touches like your shoes and jewellery which will make your outfit. We’ve got ours sorted, see you at the bar?

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