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Looking for a smart dress to wear for work? or perhaps a new outfit for a special occasion? Work dresses are particularly useful for formal corporate events, or client meetings at the races when there’s just no time to change!


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Perhaps you are looking to buy a smart dress for work or dresses with sleeves? We know we were! Browse our beautiful collection of designer work dresses online. Ideal for women dressing for work in the UK – Featuring exquisite fine detailing such as unique buttons, the best tailoring cut, and fabric choice. Our business dresses for women offer a flattering but business like silhouette. Work dresses for women provide a work look that not only projects a feminine touch of class but also a highly professional look and a staple for your work wardrobe. Match your perfect work dress with our range of striking office shoes for women and a business handbag for maximum effect.

Here at Pinstripe and Pearls we understand that in business, first impressions count – getting your work wear right matters. This is why we have put together a collection of beautiful tailored work dresses, stylish womens business suits, work shirts and blouses, work jewellery and handbags to help you give a great first impression!

We think about the challenges women face when shopping for work wear and try to find great solutions for you – like a dress with sleeves and a neckline that’s not too low cut. There are also times during a woman’s career that calls for a revisit to the work wardrobe – a whole refresh of her work clothes – such as when you have an interview, returning to work after maternity or a promotion and knowing what look to go for isn’t always easy! So if you do feel you would like some help with creating a look we have put together a collection of work looks from everyday work wear to board room classics.

Browse our complete range of office wear for women across our site to find your perfect look!

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