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City businesswear specially proportioned to suit petite women. All styles featured in this section are available in sizes 6-14 for petite ladies who are 5ft 4 and under.

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Finding clothing to suit the petite frame can be really difficult, finding petite work wear in the UK even harder. For those of us who are 5ft 4′ and under the solution can be found a wonderful new designer petite brand ¬ Jeetly Petite. Founded by Jess Jeetly a petite herself, the Jeetly petite clothing range includes gorgeous petite dresses perfect for the office and smart petite business suits designed especially for short women.

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In our recent workwear survey we found that many women don’t classify themselves as Petite even though they are! Our petite workwear range covers sizes 8 – 14 and each garment has been carefully designed for the petite frame of 5ft 4′ and under, with slightly shorter sleeve lengths and a reduced body frame template for petite jackets, petite dresses and blouses. In addition Jeetly Petite has carefully selected fabrics which flatter the petite frame rather than drown it and has even offered customers a chance to shape the next collection asking you to vote for your favourite design!

Our petite collection features beautifully tailored corporate attire including petite business dresses, petite size tops for women and work blouses, petite suit jackets and petite work skirts, cleverly styled in proportions and leg lengths to suit petite women.

Browse our best collection yet of petite business wear for women, brought to you exclusively by British workwear brand Jeetly. All garments are made in the UK, and especially proportioned for the smaller frame. The dimensions for individual garments can also be found on each product page.

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