Winter is Well and Truly Here!

Dressing in winter

Winter is firmly upon us. That means snow, ice and plummeting temperatures. It also means that dressing for work in your heels and low cut blouse is firmly out of the question. It’s the time of the year when you can expect some sort of weather challenge every single day. The good news is, with a bit of fashion know-how, you can look professional, but without freezing to death at the same time.

Choose the Perfect Winter Coat

Undoubtedly, your first and most important priority should be to invest in a good winter coat. If you’ve pulled yours out of your wardrobe and are met with a feeling of resignation and mild frustration, you’re not alone. Many women find it hard to select the perfect coat for the colder months. Choosing the right one can be tricky, particularly if you want to wear it at work, but in other less formal settings too. It must be a combination of functional, stylish and transitional. At Pinstripe and Pearls, we sell a selection of winter coats that will help you to present an executive image whilst keeping warm too. The Trafalgar Petrol Winter Work Coat from Libby London is ideal. Timeless and elegant as well as versatile, it’s the perfect choice of winter coat for professional women.

Say Goodbye to Trousers and Hello to Tights, Dresses and Boots

Trousers may seem like the logical choice for the colder weather, but it’s not always the best option. Sticking certain trousers into boots risks leaving you looking less like a smart and competent businesswoman and more like a storm trooper! What’s more, you’re probably not thrilled at the prospect of dirty snow-water soaking into your trouser cuffs. The truth is, there’s nothing more chic than a cosy dress on a cold and snowy day. Add tights and some killer boots and you’ve got the epitome of winter sexy. The Josephine Navy Work Dress from Cecily is one of our most popular winter business dresses.

Scarves and Gloves are a Necessity

Don’t make the mistake of skimping when it comes to buying gloves. They are a necessity at this time of year and will keep your fingers from turning blue as you make your way to the office. With so many styles, brands, fabrics, and sizes to choose from, it can be tempting to simply buy the first pair you see. However, this isn’t advisable if you want to properly protect your hands from the elements whilst also looking smart and professional. Choose our Black Ladies Fur Lined Gloves from The British Glove Company, which are made using British Hogskin and Rabbit Fur. Tough and resilient yet very soft and incredibly stylish, they’re the perfect winter accessory, whether you’re at work or enjoying a country walk in the brisk winter weather.

Dressing for the cold weather whilst ensuring that you still maintain a professional persona can be tough. But at Pinstripe and Pearls, we can provide you with all the clothing and accessories that you need.

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