Razor Sharp vs. Looking Feminine: Striking The Right Balance At Work

It’s a struggle that we all deal with, we want to make an impression at work but we don’t want to run the risk of looking too masculine.   How do we strike the balance between sharp, office ready and retaining our female identities?

We all know those women who can pull off ‘office chic’ seemingly effortlessly but perhaps are too anxious or unknowledgeable about how to get there ourselves.   Well, at Pinstripe and Pearls we’ve observed these women, stolen their tricks and jotted it all down for you so that you too can pull of razor sharp dressing.   The best bit of all, it’s actually really simple.   Read on and prepare to be amazed…

looking sharp at work

Always Be Tailored

Frumpy, loose and ill-fitting clothes can look unintentionally boxy and very unflattering, like you put your other half’s suit on before leaving in the morning.   Tailoring will make an instant difference to your work look and make you look more stylish and professional.   Nipped in waists, appropriate lengths and clothes which are made to fit your body and nobody else’s will help you to make a dazzling impact.

Add a Touch Of Feminine Colour

So a suit may look professional, but where is the feminine touch?   This is where you can show off your style and set yourself apart from the men in the workplace.   A coloured blouse in a pink or a pastel shade is wonderfully feminine, without detracting from the impression you want to make.   The same goes with accessories.  A colour pop will go a long way and will allow you to express your femininity without compromising on style.

Heels Make The Woman

How many models walk down the catwalk in flats?   Not many.   If you feel comfortable in them, wear them.   A pair of sleek heels will transform your outfit as well as give you the added confidence to wear it, and will look much better than your scuffed, water logged flats.   If, like most humans who have feeling in their feet, you can’t wear heels all day, keep a pair of flats to hand for commuting and to wear under your desk and only put your heels on when it’s truly necessary ‘ nobody will ever know that you haven’t been wearing them the whole time.

Hair And Make-Up To Match

There’s no point in putting in all of the effort to dress sharply, only to seem underwhelming from the neck up.   Make the effort to apply some make-up and to do your hair.   If you struggle to achieve certain styles, a visit to a salon to learn how to do your hair will be an investment and can save you from those years of struggling to style it correctly.   Adding a beauty touch to your look will keep your femininity intact and ensure that you are the epitome of sharp, capable office professional.

As you can see, dressing for success and to make an impression whilst retaining a feminine touch is not difficult, and requires nothing more than some extra time to consider your overall look.   Subtle changes can be made using existing items in your wardrobe or by making simple changes ‘ give it a go and see the difference that dressing more sharply will have on your attitude and confidence at work.

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