Your Business Style By Colour

Discover how colour can enhance your working wardrobe

For those who want to bring a touch of colour into their workwear,  the four seasons approach is a great place to start and for many,  the  simplest  to understand. Begin by browsing each of the seasons below and match your own natural characteristics (hair, skin and eyes) to the typical seasonal traits. Then  shop our business clothing and accessories range for the colours which will suit you best.


Colour is an important part of our lives. Wearing colour tones that best flatter our natural features in our business wear ‘ that is hair, skin and eyes – improves our overall appearance. Skin looks clearer, hair and eyes brighter; they give us  an overall healthy and pleasing appearance.  When we are confident about our appearance in the workplace, we feel better about ourselves and friends, colleagues and customers respond better to us. Once you know which colours suits you, it becomes much easier to shop for your business clothing. Create a work wardrobe with lots of great options out of fewer items (a capsule wardrobe) and importantly, save money. You are far less likely to buy items you then never wear as they are somehow ‘not right’. To understand which colour tones suit you best we recommend booking a professional colour analysis session which typically takes just under 2 hours with a qualified colour consultant. Grouping colours according to seasons is just one of the methods for understanding which colour tones suit you best.  If you have previously had your colours analysed using the directional method, here is our quick conversion chart to help you find your season:

Colour Conversion Chart (Colour Directions Mapped to Seasonal Method)

 Spring    Summer    Autumn    Winter  
Warm Light Bright Cool Light Muted Warm Deep Muted Cool Deep Bright

If you are finding it tricky to know where you “fit†, it’s worth remembering that often the seasonal method just can’t account for all the unique combinations that can exist in individual women. If you would like to learn more and achieve an accurate, personally tailored diagnosis, then a professional colour session is the way to go.