How To Pack A Business Trip Suitcase

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Frantically trying to squeeze everything into your suitcase is not the best way to start preparing for your all important business trip. Here are our survival tips to help achieve perfect business trip packing…

  • Think about the size of your suitcase – too small and everything will be crushed, too large and the contents will be thrown about inside plus you’ll have no chance of looking like a pro business traveller who always “carries on” their luggage at the airport.
  • Ask yourself whether you really need a separate bag just for office shoes…. we know the dilemma “I need a pair of flat shoes, heels that go with suit A, heels that go with shift dress B etc etc”. Limit yourself and choose wisely. A great pair of black high heels will go with anything and should be all you really need.
  • Pack heavy items such as shoes, at the bottom of your case (when the case is standing up), so that they don’t crush your work clothes. If you can, place your work shoes in a cover or plastic bag so they don’t dirty your beautifully ironed work shirt, and stuff them with small items to save space.
  • Office Shoes For Women - Ellen Bow Ballerina Work Shoes PairPack all your makeup and toiletries into a plastic bag – ideal for a swift journey through airport security, and great in case of leaks. Try to pack the plastic bag in the middle of your case, so it is protected.
  • With your work clothes, start with packing the largest items first. If possible wear your suit jacket rather than pack it, or use a suit carry case to keep it looking pristine.
  • Business trips are where suits with matching skirt and trousers really come into their own. You only need one jacket but you already have 2 outfits! The perfect way to keep your suitcase light and still look great.
  • Beaulieu Red Silk Blouse Cut OutIf you have the time lay very delicate clothes like silk shirts/ fabrics between a layer of tissue paper to protect them and prevent creasing.
  • Make sure you have some business cards tucked inside, or write your name, contact number and flight number, but not your address, and keep it in your suitcase just in case it gets lost.
  • Tie something to your suitcase so that it is easily identifiable, such as a ribbon or colourful luggage label. There is nothing worse than someone else picking up your bag from the hotel’s luggage holding room during a conference or in baggage claim at the airport.

Do you have any other suitcase packing tips to share? Let us know – the art of efficient business travel is one that is only truly mastered after years of practice!


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How To Pack A Business Trip Suitcase

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