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Jeetly Petite Dresses and Petite Work Wear - Office Clothing For Women

The Story

JEETLY Petite is a modern workwear brand, designed exclusively for ambitious petite women (5ft 3′ and under). The JEETLY style is known for being fitted, yet comfortable, chic, yet modest and most importantly of all, perfect to wear to work.

Jeetly Petite TeamFounder Jess JEETLY, a petite 5’1″ optometrist always found shopping for womens work clothes an uphill battle, having to spend extra money on altering the garments she found that were suitable, to achieve a great fit.

Like many petite women, Jess wanted fashionable ladies business suits with a modern tailored look and petite work dresses that nipped in at the waist and could be dressed up or down. Finding feminine, crisp womens business shirts that would last wash after wash also seemed like an impossible task.

The very few established petite brands in the UK catered to a mature petite customer and their smallest sizes were still wide and unflattering. So it was time to make a change and supported by her husband Jay JEETLY, Co-Founder and marketing director, they launched the JEETLY Petite brand online in 2012.

Jess shares with us why she is passionate about her new venture – “I want to give petite women a voice in the clothing industry. For too long our clothing choice has been limited and determined by designers and high-street retailers.

In today’s world everything from food to fashion relies on inspired presentation and it’s especially true in the competitive corporate world where young, ambitious petite women want their attire to reflect their attitude. It is precisely to meet their requirements that I introduced JEETLY. I want petite women to feel individual and directional with their clothing and not purely fashion-led.


You Design The Next JEETLY Collection – Get Voting!

The JEETLY petite workwear collection currently consists of only a few key garments. This is intentional. JEETLY’s next collections will be chosen by their petite customers via their groundbreaking IN or OUT voting feature ‘ handing the design choices and power back to the people that matter ‘ you!

JEETLY will showcase a range of exclusive design samples so that they can be voted in or out of the next season’s collection.

Jess explains: “This is the first time petite women will have control of the styles that go ahead for manufacture and they will finally have a say in a clothing industry which has ignored such a large proportion of female shoppers.†

Petite Dresses and Petite Work Wear - Vote In or Out at Jeetly Petite



The Collection


JEETLY Petite Creative Process

It has taken the team months of tweaking each JEETLY work wear garment to achieve the perfect fit for the petite body frame. The two most common and obvious issues for petite women are shoulder width and length of garments but JEETLY Petite also pay attention to even the smallest of details to ensure proportions flatter your petite figure.

Did you know that JEETLY…

  • use smaller shoulder pads than standard
  • use smaller buttons and narrower cuffs on shirts than standard
  • have narrower waistbands than standard dresses
  • use shorter sleeve lengths than standard
  • use smaller armhole depths than standard
  • use a shorter neck to waist length than standard
  • use narrower shoulder widths than standard
  • use a shallower neck depth than standard
  • use shorter work dress, shirt and trouser lengths than standard.
Petite Suits - Petite Business Wear For Women by Jeetly

Did you also know that standard garment grading for clothes you find on the high street assume that dress lengths, sleeve lengths and shoulder widths increase with a woman’s size? We didn’t! But JEETLY understand that petite proportions are different and have created their very own garment grading structure to take into account that petite women’s arms do not increase in length as their size increases ‘ meaning you get a great fit every time. Finally a brand that really understands petite women!