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What to wear to a Conference or Events

Conferences and business events can be a fantastic opportunity to network and showcase your skills but we have all experienced that last minute panic over what to wear!  

A two day conference will require you to dress appropriately, but differently on both days whilst also factoring in an evening outfit, all of which you have to fit into a little suitcase or risk either back pain, or curious glances from colleagues wondering why you have brought such large luggage!

Luckily, here at Pinstripe and Pearls we have put together some fantastic options to get you through your event and help you to ooze confidence and style.

Day 1: Day to evening wear

Always make sure your day to evening outfit is the first thing you wear.   Don’t wear something in the evening which you plan to wear the next day as dinner + drinks is a recipe for spills and disaster, so always make sure your next day outfit stays untouched until the next morning.   A smart dress and a jacket is ideal for day wear, and you can leave or change your jacket to give your look a different twist for the evening, failing that, a trouser or skirt suit with a dressy blouse is another easy way to pack two outfits in one.

Black_Silk_Trouser SuitPetite Sienna Dress For Work - Petite Red Business Dress Main

Day Two: The Morning After

Day two of a conference can be a more relaxed affair, especially following a social event the night before. Given this  you can often take a slightly more relaxed approach to your business wardrobe on Day 2.   The second day will involve people travelling back at the end of the day, so most people will be dressed in a stylish, yet comfortable outfit.   Smart trousers or a skirt teamed with a less formal top is a great outfit that will not require a jacket.  A slightly more  relaxed look  can help you to feel at ease now that you’ve gotten to know those around you better, whilst still delivering a professional punch.


Organic_white_silk_top mainNavy Blue Skirt by Nooshin Calf Length Close

Jewellery To Dress Up Your Look

It can be difficult to work out how to pack lightly for a conference whilst being able to change up your look. The best way to transform your day look to evening is with jewellery.   Pack some statement necklaces and other items to give your Day 1  look a more sophisticated evening edge.

Felicia Floating pearl necklace statement necklaces

Jolie Freshwater pearl bracelet

Pearl Earrings PBFE058

Consider What Your Luggage Says About You

Finally, you may be so focused on your business attire  that you forget about that first impression you make upon arrival at the conference centre… ever bumped into the Chairman in the carpark on the way in?   There are so many sleek travel cases out there now, that there is no excuse for turning up at your conference with a tattered case that lets your professional image down.  Take a look at the beautiful Quartermaster Luxury Travel Case for inspiration –  Efficiently designed for all carryalls to fit together and with a stunning matching  Clutch bag, it goes to show that with a bit of investment and planning your lifestyle can be immediately transported with style.

Making the most of your available suitcase space takes practice, by packing smartly and taking items which can be worn more than once, are easy to iron with a barely working hotel iron will ensure that you look your best for any event that comes your way and can help you to project your most professional image ‘ ideal for networking and making new contacts.

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