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If you are aiming for the top of your profession, it makes sense to invest in your personal image, with a wardrobe to match your role in the organisation.

Your  carefully thought out capsule wardrobe will:

But most women don’t have the time to design  the perfect wardrobe for themselves…

Order your  own capsule wardrobe dossier today!

How  To Order

†¢ Use the form below. The  Full Business Wardrobe design service costs £379.
†¢ You will be  emailed  a short questionnaire within 24 hours.
†¢ Return  a couple of images of yourself along with your completed questionnaire and payment.
†¢ Your capsule wardrobe dossier will be delivered by email within 3 working days.

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What’s included?

†¢ The Dossier includes information about your best work colours to choose based on your colouring.
†¢ A bespoke selection of a week’s worth of outfit designs – images showing you what to wear and how to accessorise.
†¢ Full Wardrobe Service: Links to buy all of the pieces from across a range of premium UK stores.

Maria Sadler, Online capsule wardrobeAbout Your Stylist Maria

Maria is a trained stylist and fashion consultant. As the previous owner of 2 women’s clothes shops she has dressed hundreds of women of all shapes, sizes and colouring. She has a passion for creating the perfect capsule wardrobe to suit the individual woman so they can express themselves through their clothes and always have the appropriate outfit for the occasion.

She is on a mission to make getting dressed a pleasure for the busy woman and provides style tips, how and what to wear and capsule wardrobe advice on her blog

See client testimonials below:


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What our clients say….

I just thought I would send you a quick bit of feedback following my capsule wardrobe. I bought quite a few of the pieces and had a wonderful afternoon trying everything on and I have to say I think you are incredible. I could not believe that every single piece I pulled out fit perfectly and I totally loved it, and I didn’t have to leave home to get any of it. Even better ‘ I wore the Pure silk dress and the navy jacket to work yesterday ‘ I got numerous comments throughout the day on how nice I looked and two people independently asked if I had lost weight!
Capsule Wardrobe client, Managing Director, London


That’s awesome, thank you so much! I have been looking at it ever since I got up this morning and I am so excited that I am going to have a wardrobe that is co-ordinated and more versatile ‘ finally! Some of the items I love immediately, some of them I probably need to try on to be sure but it is great that you have given me things to try that I wouldn’t normally think of. The colours also co-ordinate well with the few things I wouldn’t really want to discard from my wardrobe, so that is really pleasing too.
Dr Victoria Jones BDS


I am blown away with the dossier. Thank you so much for all your hard work I am absolutely delighted with the result. I am also amazed when I look at the capsule wardrobe at how so many of the gorgeous things you have found will work / breathe life in to other pieces I already own ‘ thank you. I would also like to say how very much I appreciate you ‘ taking on the challenge in the first place, taking everything on board that I required and delivering more than I ever anticipated particularly as the brief and budget was so restrictive. Your dossier and professional but friendly approach is inspiring, I feel I am walking taller already!!†
Capsule Wardrobe Dossier Client