5 Ways Your Professional Tailor Can Improve Your Business Wardrobe

Tailoring is for men, right?   Wrong.   At Pinstripe &  Pearls, we know the benefits of tailoring all too well.   However, many women are unaware of the true  benefits your tailor can provide – how their skill can enhance your figure and boost the credibility of your business wardrobe.

To show you what it’s all about, we’ve selected 5 key ways your tailor can improve your wardrobe.  Read on and see how easily you can benefit.


  1. Say Goodbye to Ill-fitting, Unflattering Clothes

Whilst this is probably familiar to you ‘ having a great tailor is perhaps most important for this key reason.   Clothing which is ill-fitting, too long or too short can give off the wrong impression and show to your employers and others that you don’t pay enough attention to your appearance.   A tailor will be able to fit and measure your clothes so that they fit you like a glove ‘ like they had been made for you.   You’ll never go back once you’ve had your clothes altered by a tailor.

  1. Make Your Clothing Last Longer

Our bodies can change a lot over the course of a couple of years.   Losing or gaining weight and even changing our style can lead us to immediately get rid of our clothes ‘ at a cost to both our bank balances and the environment.   Make your clothes last longer through your tailor.   They can make alterations to make the clothes that no longer fit flatter you once more and even help you to create new designs and styles from your existing garments.

  1. Enjoy Bespoke Suits Designed Just for You

We can’t stress enough the value of a good suit, which is why a visit to your tailor can kit you out with everything you need to create a stylish work look.   From choosing the fit and colour of your suit to the type of fabric involved, your tailor can customise options according to your preferences to provide you with your dream suit.   Think of it as a one stop shop for your perfect work wardrobe.

  1. Create Your Own Clothes

As well as creating suits and performing alterations, your tailor is capable of creating other kinds of clothing.   If you have an idea in mind of something that you want, such as a dress for a special occasion, you can be sure that your tailor can make it happen.   Tailors love a challenge, and you will love the feeling of owning and wearing something that you have had designed and made especially for you.

  1. Making the Impossible, Possible

At times, tailors can be miracle workers.   One of our customers came to us with her grandmother’s fur coat, which we were able to turn into a contemporary, custom-fitted jacket ‘ a great way of turning something old and making it new again.   Whatever your request and however impossible it may seem, your tailor will almost certainly be able to make it happen.

Pinstripe &  Pearl’s Made to Measure service is based on Savile Row, providing you with a fantastic service to help you choose your custom suit according to your wants and needs.   To find out more about the service and to book a consultation, click here. Tailoring services have so many great benefits and we’re sure you’ll wish you’d tried it sooner once you give it a go.

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