5 Reasons Why Investment Pieces Are Better Than Throwaway Fashion

Buying into the latest ‘trends’ is not always the way to go particularly when it comes to workwear. Here’s fives reasons why you should pick investment, made to last pieces to create your work wardrobe.

It might seem like a great idea to buy that check patterned coat because tartan is in and you want to look en vogue but will it last you past January? Probably not.  So why are investment pieces best?

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1. It will save you money in the long run

Buying lots of less expensive, throwaway items will of course look better on your bank statement but when you’re doing this every month, the overall cost over the year is going to be worse. If you invest in well made tailoring which will last you years rather than through to the next season, you’ll save a lot more in the long term and keep your bank manager happy.

2. Throwaway fashion harms the environment

We bet that you’re conscious of doing your bit to help the environment. You but energy saving light bulbs, recycle and even compost your food waste but did you ever consider the effects that buying disposable fashion had on the environment? Unfortunately, it does.   Not only does the clothing thrown away create a huge amount of waste thrown away in the same manner as the rest of your rubbish but it also contributes towards carbon emissions.   This is from a range of factors which include the chemicals used to make the clothing and the costs of transporting them from overseas.   Whilst many companies are trying to produce green clothing, it is sadly just a small solution for an increasingly growing problem.   Buying your items carefully, from handmade, high quality designers will help to reduce these harmful effects on the environment.

Natural materials such as quality wool, cottons and silk are also better for the environment and produce much higher standard clothing than most synthetics.

3. It’s more ethical to invest

Another downside to the trend of affordable, disposable fashion is the ethical impact. Most of these items are produced overseas, using cheap labour and materials which means that you end up paying far more for them than what the workers get. Often working long hours for minimal pay, those who manufacture clothing aren’t given a fair deal by major companies and this has a continuing effect on living conditions and poverty.   High quality suits, coats and other made to last items will usually have been made in the UK, from high quality materials and crafted to ensure that they last.   Should anything go wrong (tears, etc), they are usually easy to repair to which ensures your investment pays off.

4. It’s fairer to designers

You might not really consider the impact that disposable fashion has on the designers but in fact, when shops make copies of designer clothes they actually damage the sales of the designers as well as their credibility.   This can hamper the creativity that goes into producing iconic, defining moment styles that makes the fashion business what it is. By purchasing original, quality pieces, you will contribute to the continuation of this incredibly influential industry.

5. It looks better (most of the time!)

Let’s face it, you can usually spot cheap clothing a mile off, and this is even truer after a few wears.   Well-made, tailored clothing speaks volumes about quality, your personal style and your attitude. Nothing looks better than a key piece of clothing which looks fabulous every time you wear it.   The great thing about investment pieces is that not every inch of your outfit has to be an investment piece; the whole point is that you can mix and match with other items in your wardrobe to keep it interesting and make the most out of a style that never fades.   You may get comments and compliments from adopting the latest trend but high quality items speak for themselves.

Next time you’re shopping for your work wardrobe, consider buying investment, high quality pieces from contemporary British brands you’ll be doing yourself, the industry, the planet and your bank manager a massive favour.

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