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  • Boost Your Confidence At Work!

    What to Wear to Boost your Confidence at Work Do you want to feel more confident at work? Then it’s worth thinking carefully about what you wear to the office each day. Powerful and assured business women rarely look dishevelled, and this is no coincidence. Investing in your appearance sends a positive message about who […]

  • Winter is Well and Truly Here!

    Winter is firmly upon us. That means snow, ice and plummeting temperatures. It also means that dressing for work in your heels and low cut blouse is firmly out of the question. It’s the time of the year when you can expect some sort of weather challenge every single day. The good news is, with […]

  • Style Guide: Your Work to Wine Bar Look

    Choosing what to wear to the office is difficult enough in the mornings, but what happens when you’ve got a post-work social event thrown in to? Finding something which is both work-appropriate and suitable enough for a few evening drinks is a challenge, but wouldn’t life be boring without a challenge every now and then? […]

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