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  • The Red Effect – The Power Of Red In The Workplace

    red dress at work

    Black, grey, cream, navy – we’re all familiar with the typical office attire.  But what do you think about red in the workplace?  Bold, daring, feminine – there’s no denying that red is a striking colour. When you wear red, don’t you feel that little bit more noticed?  Whether you opt for a red suit, […]

  • The Search For Your Signature Work Style

    signature style

    As you grow into your role and move up the career ladder, it is also time to develop your personal brand and up the style stakes in your work wardrobe. When starting a new job, it’s likely that you immediately picked out some outfits which you thought would suit your role and your environment more than it actually suited […]

  • Boring Or Bold – What Should Your Workwear Be?

    Powerful women Workwear

    There are many conflicting theories on how we should dress for work.   There’s one school of thought which says that workwear should be conservative, that the office is not the place for fashion (and definitely not short shorts per the pic…). There are others however who say that bold, powerful looks helps their performance and helps them […]

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